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  • Why should I advertise on a Richmedia digital signage over other forms of advertising?
    Most consumers have been desensitized by traditional marketing. A Richmedia digital signage is located at monotonous, high dwell time areas providing your audience with a "pleasing distraction" to pass the time, catching their attention and making your ads stick to their memory.
  • Why is a Richmedia Digital signage better than the competition?
    Aside from airing commercials, each location has content and information made specifically for the audience and environment of the area. (i.e boat schedules for the seaport, current store discounts for the mall etc.). These customized information bring constant attention to your advertisements giving you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • How long is my ad going to be?
    Standard ad time is 30 seconds. For longer spots, one can purchase extra ad slots in intervals of 30 seconds.
  • How much does it cost to advertise on a Richmedia digital signage?
    Advertising on a Richmedia digital signage is a very cost efficient form of advertising as compared to other forms of media. Advertising prices are based on dwell time, location, and consumer volume. Discounts are offered for multiple locations as well as longer tenured contracts. To inquire about Richmedia's great packages, call us at (032) 412-1112.
  • How will I know if my ads are being played?
    Each Richmedia digital signage delivers a computer generated Certificate of Performance (COP) that counts the number of times your ad was played for a particular day to our main hub. We then email you this certificate on the 1st week of the succeeding month.
  • I don't have any advertisements for the digital signage, can you make one for me?"
    Yes, we also provide designing. You provide us with pictures or videos of your company and we design, layout, and animate them for you for a minimal fee.
  • Does your signage have audio?
    Most of our signages do not have audio so it's best to create your Ads based on visuals only.
  • What format should my ad be in?
    A Richmedia Digital Signage is already HD (High Definition) ready and can accept the following formats (.mp4, .avi, .mov, .swf, and .jpg). Recommended video format would be MP4 with a recommended size of 1920x1080 (Length x Width). For stills or .jpeg, resolution should be at 300 dpi for maximum clarity.
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